Registered UK Charity 1200702.

Registered Nepal NGO 331220/080/081.

Empowering remote communities

UK Charity offering employment for locals as sports massage therapists, treatment for trekkers, and payback for communities.


Making Waves of Wellness

It all began in 2019, when Lisa spent 8 weeks trekking in Nepal and fell in love with the Sherpa people, living selfless yet joyful lifestyles in high-altitude communities. She was inspired to combine her qualifications and love for sustainable giving to create Lehara.

Lehara provides massage for trekkers from our professionally trained locals (often Sherpas) on the Everest Base Camp Trail, with all profits going towards charity and community projects in the local area.
The benefits of Lehara ripple throughout the Khumbu valley, for trekkers, the locals therapists, and for the entire community.


We train locals in remote areas of tourism as sports massage therapists, providing them with seasonal employment and income doing something safe and fulfilling.


Trekkers can book professional sports massages to help tired muscles and improve their trekking performance for just 35 dollars. Your strain is their gain!


A ripple effect. Lehara donates up to double the earnings of our therapists to their chosen causes, local projects or charities, giving back to their community.

“I would recommend anyone trekking or climbing to visit ‘Lehara’ for a massage. It will increase your chances of success.”

“Really friendly therapists, and their English is so good.”

“I get regular sports massages back home, and that was honestly one of the best I’ve ever had.”

Where it all began...

Our first project launched in Nepal, in the Khumbu Valley, where workers have few employment opportunities, such as working on Mount Everest. A very challenging and dangerous place to work. 

We trained 7 amazing, local therapists in 2023 and launched Lehara! Find out more about their story and how we got started in this beautiful valley in Nepal.

Meet your therapists

Tashi Doma Sherpa

Manisha Barailee

Namgyal Doma Sherpa

Yanji Sherpa

Nima Jangmu Sherpa

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Ripple by ripple

Lehara in itself means ‘ripple’ in Nepali, and ‘lift’ in Hindi, which sums up our ethos. In helping one individual through our training programs, they then help the many patients they treat, as well as their community as we give back to the therapists chosen charity or community project.

Following our success in Nepal we hope to ripple the idea to other areas of remote tourism and start to make waves around the world.

3 ways you can start a ripple.

1. Follow us on social, share our content and help us spread the word.

Donate any amount through Paypal


pays for a therapists uniform.

buys food for one therapist during training.

buys and transports one portable treatment plinth to clinic.

changes the life of one trainee, providing a full scholarship.

3. Partner with us

Become a Lehara Partner and change the life of an individual and their family by providing a full training scholarship.