Registered UK Charity 1200702.

Registered Nepal NGO 331220/080/081.

About Lehara

You’ll find Lehara in remote areas of tourism, such as the Khumbu Valley on the Everest Base Camp trail. We aim to provide locals in remote and high-altitude areas with new skills to help them bring in a sustainable income, whilst in turn supporting the local community.
When Lisa first visited the area in 2019, she was amazed by the generosity and kindness she was shown without a thought for themselves, and listened to many personal stories of those who have lost loved ones on the mountain, or sustained injuries therefore can no longer work.
Lisa wanted to give back to an area and community she had fallen in love with, and so Lehara was born.

Following an inspirational podcast in 2021 on sustainable giving – Lisa discovered a way to combine her experience of mobilising community healthcare services, and her passion for high altitude trekking. Sports Massage for trekkers, delivered by locals!

Her love for those in the Khumbu Valley made it a perfect place to start. The response so far has been phenomenal and Lehara hopes to ripple this programme throughout other areas of the world.

Lehara means Ripple in Nepali.


The name and brand itself is grounded within Nepalese culture, and has a positive ripple effect across the entire community.


Lehara invests in teaching a skill and giving the resources and confidence to use that skill to locals.

This empowers them to earn a living and provide for their family.

Sustainable Giving

Lehara is based on 3 core principles of a sustainable giving. We give through Wealth, Wisdom and Work. By providing all 3 components in equal measure, a sustainable initiative can be created and supported long term.


Fundraising and corporate partnerships helped cover the training costs and equipment required for the course.


A percentage of Lehara’s revenue is always re-invested into future training requirements and equipment, with the intention for Lehara to be financially self sufficient by year two.


Long term, Lehara will become the source of wealth for future initiatives across wider communities.


The initial 2 week Lehara massage course educated the trainees in; Anatomy and physiology, Manual therapy techniques, How to run a clinic, and Communication Skills.


This knowledge enabled the trainees to qualify as a Lehara Massage Therapist, and work within the Lehara Sports Massage service.


Experienced tutors and graduates of the London School of Soft Tissue Therapy (LSSM) delivered the 2-week Sports Massage training course, where time was invested in the trainees, by getting to know each individual and ensuring they were confident and competent in all the skills they require.


Since our clinics went live in October 2023, ongoing clinical supervision, guidance and operational support has been provided.

Meet your therapists

Tashi Doma Sherpa

Manisha Barailee

Namgyal Doma Sherpa

Yanji Sherpa

Nima Jangmu Sherpa

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Our clinics

Come and have a massage in one of our 2 clinics in the Khumbu valley. Both offer lovely warm clinic rooms where you can relax and feel the benefits of a high quality Sports Massage.

Khumbu Lodge


Open Monday – Sunday
2pm – 8pm


You will arrive at Namche after 2 days of trekking. With an acclimatisation day built in to your schedule, it’s a perfect time to get a massage to help your tired muscles recover, ready for the following days climb up the valley.

Hotel Chomolungma


Open Monday – Sunday
2pm – 8pm


Dingboche is the location for your 2nd acclimatisation day. With just 2 days left of trekking before you reach base camp, take the opportunity to make sure your muscles are recovered and ready to go.

Our training team

Zac Laraman

The lead tutor at Lehara’s Sports Therapy school in Namche, Nepal. A registered Osteopath, who originally trained with Mel Cash at the London School of Soft Tissue Therapy (LSSM)

Paul Groombridge

Paul is part of the Lehara training team. He is an experienced massage therapist who has been treating clients since 2010. He trained at the renowned London School of Soft Tissue Therapy.

Pemba Sherpa

Pemba Sherpa is on the Lehara Foundation committee. He supported the development of Lehara from the start, providing a training venue and food and accommodation for the trainees at the Khumbu Lodge. He also supported with recruitment for Lehara. As a highly respected, and well connected Sherpa within the Khumbu valley, he has been able to utilise his connections to spread the word of the opportunities that Lehara offers.

Kunga Sherpa

Kunga Sherpa is the chairman of the Lehara foundation, the Nepal NGO, and sister charity of Lehara. He was instrumental in recruiting most of the trainees for our first cohort in 2023, and was also Lehara’s main translator during the training course. Born in Pangboche, the oldest sherpa village in the Everest region, Kunga has over 12 years of experience in the tourism trade, is fluent in English, and is very well respected locally.

Mel Cash

Mel Cash is regarded as the World’s leading authority on massage as the author of four internationally renowned textbooks on the subject and he also runs the leading training centre in the UK.

Our trustees

Lisa Jelly

Lisa is the founder and trustee of Lehara. Her main focus is bringing on key partners that will support the long-term plans and purpose of Lehara.

Stuart Paterson

Stuart Paterson is a trustee for Lehara with a key focus on ensuring the training provided is of the highest quality, with the trainees having access to all the equipment and resources they require.

Jim Laslett

Jimmy Laslett is the treasurer and trustee of Lehara. His main focus will be managing the grant process to give back to the local communities.