Lehara has Sports Massage clinics in Namche and Dingboche. Come and See us.

Khumbu Lodge (first floor), Namche.

Open Monday – Sunday, 2pm – 8pm

You will arrive at Namche after 2 days of trekking. With an acclimatisation day built in to your schedule, it’s a perfect time to get a massage to help your tired muscles recover, ready for the following days climb up the valley.

Hotel Chomolungma, Dingboche.

Open Monday – Sunday, 2pm – 8pm (from 09/10/23)

Dingboche is the location for your 2nd acclimatisation day. With just 2 days left of trekking before you reach base camp, take the opportunity to make sure your muscles are recovered and ready to go.


To secure your 60-min Sports Massage session, please follow these instructions

  1. Go to the clinic and write your name on the booking sheet, at a time of your choosing.
  2. Pay for the session online by clicking on the PAY NOW button below.
  3. Take a screenshot/photo of your payment confirmation.
  4. Turn up to your session 5 minutes before, and have your payment confirmation ready to share.