There are lots of different ways you can work with us to help make a difference to so many lives.

Lehara promises that for every $ donated, any idea offered or hour of time given, we will invest these resources in a sustainable way, and ensure that they benefit the high altitude and rural communities of the Khumbu valley.

Get Involved

There are lots of ways to get involved and support Lehara:

Trekking companies

If you run a trekking company or are a local guide, and you would like to include a sports massage as part of your core trek package, then get in touch. We’d love to chat! 

Partner with Lehara

Become a Lehara Partner and change the life of an individual and their family by providing a full training scholarship. You will be introduced to your associated trainee and their family, and receive updates on how they are getting on.

We hope that the generosity of our partners will help cover Lehara’s initial training costs. By Year 2, Lehara will be financially sustainable and therefore you can watch your initial investment grow from strength to strength, making a real difference to the communities of the Khumbu Valley.

Ideas and suggestions

If you have a specific idea in mind for how you’d like to support Lehara then please get in touch with the team via our ‘contact us’ form.


Check this link to find out our current fundraising progress:

Below are some examples of what impact your donations could have:


Pays for one therapist’s uniform


Buys food for 1 trainee during the course


Will cover the rent of the training venue for the duration of the course


Will buy and transport 1 portable treatment plinth to the clinic