Registered UK Charity 1200702.

Registered Nepal NGO 331220/080/081.

Our Impact


It’s not about charity, its about empowerment. We invest in sustainable giving, where investing time, money or knowledge grows an idea that positively impacts a person, family and a whole community for years to come.


Learning together and from each other is powerful and exciting. Everybody can learn something from anybody. We are open to change, and want to continually grow and develop as individuals and as a team.

Community Empowerment

We are family people with a strong sense of community. All benefits (financial and knowledge) are shared to help the whole community, and kept local so the investment is visible for all.

Pay it forwards

We believe a gift never stops giving. Being given to, ignites the desire to give. Every favour and good deed is paid forwards, bringing communities together.
The magical part of the Lehara initiative, is the impact it will have not just on the therapist and their family, but also their whole community. Each month, up to double their earnings will be donated from Lehara to their chosen cause. This gives each therapist a sense of ownership of the charitable work Lehara is doing, and how they are personally contributing to the charitable purposes of Lehara.
The causes include advancing primary or secondary school education, supporting delivery of high quality, accessible healthcare, and protecting and/or repairing the environment. Local organisations can apply to be part of this initiative by applying or getting in touch with us.


Lehara’s Sports Massage school opened its doors to 11 Nepalese trainees. The course has been specifically devised for the Sherpa community to deliver treatment to trekkers in the Himalaya.


trainees passed the course and have all been offered permanent employment within Lehara’s Sports Massage service.


treated in first 6 weeks of season.

£ 0

raised from trekkers for donation to community funds.

1 st

and only online booking system for sports massage in Khumbu Valley.

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Google star rating.

Donate any amount through Paypal


pays for a therapists uniform.

buys food for one therapist during training.

buys and transports one portable treatment plinth to clinic.

changes the life of one trainee, providing a full scholarship.