Recruitment of our 2023 cohort of trainees was really successful!


Pemba Sherpa and Kunga Sherpa recruited 11 trainees from all over the Khumbu valley. Job adverts were distributed on notice boards, WhatsApp and Facebook groups and word of mouth all helped to share the opportunity to rural communities away from the well-trodden tourist route.

​During the 2 week course, all trainees received accommodation and food. For those that qualified, they are receiving a competitive wage during the trekking season plus a retainer during the off season.

Community Impact

The magical part of the Lehara initiative, is the impact it will have not just on the therapist and their family, but also their whole community. Each sports massage therapist will nominate a fund pot they want to be associated with, that means the most to them. Each month, up to double their earnings, will be donated from Lehara, to the chosen Lehara fund pot. This gives each therapist a sense of ownership of the charitable work Lehara is doing, and how they are personally contributing to the charitable purposes of Lehara.

There are 3 fund pots available:

  • Advancing primary or secondary school education, including the provision of facilities, resources and/or teaching salaries.
  • Supporting the delivery of high quality and accessible healthcare.
  • Protecting and/or repairing the environment.

Organisations, that operate within the Khumbu valley region, are invited to apply for grants within these 3 fund areas. All applications must be made using Lehara’s on-line application process. If you are an organistaion or charity and want to apply for a grant, the application process will open in January 2024, with the application form made available via this website. So make sure you check back here then. From January 2024, applications will be invited throughout the year, with all applications following Lehara’s grant making policy.

​In 2024, Lehara’s ambition is to employ at least 10 full time sports therapists and invest over US $100,000 in the communities of the Khumbu Valley. Check back here in 2024, as we look forward to keeping you up to date on the impact Lehara’s grants are having on the communities of the Khumbu.

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