Registered UK Charity 1200702.

Registered Nepal NGO 331220/080/081.

Treatments for trekkers

Treat your client to a Sports massage in Namche or Dingboche, by the UK trained massage team at Lehara!


Introducing Lehara

Treat your client to a Sports massage in Namche or Dingboche, by the team at Lehara!
Pre-bought Massage Sessions – just $30 for 1-hour. (15% discount).

Lehara provides massage for trekkers from our UK trained locals (mostly Sherpas) on the Everest Base Camp Trail, with all profits going towards funding community projects in the local area.

Your investment in Lehara will ripple throughout the Khumbu valley, for trekkers, the locals therapists, and for the entire community.


We train locals in remote areas of tourism as sports massage therapists, providing them with seasonal employment and income doing something safe and fulfilling.


Trekkers can book professional sports massages to help tired muscles and improve their trekking performance for just 35 dollars. Your strain is their gain!


A ripple effect. Lehara donates up to double the earnings of our therapists to their chosen causes, local projects or charities, giving back to their community.

“I would recommend anyone trekking or climbing to visit ‘Lehara’ for a massage. It will increase your chances of success.”

“Really friendly therapists, and their English is so good.”

“I get regular sports massages back home, and that was honestly one of the best I’ve ever had.”

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Why include a Lehara Sports Massage for your clients?

  • Help your clients keep going on the trek, as a Sports massage promotes muscle recovery and
    helps reduce injury.
  • Demonstrates how your organisation uses travel to support the Khumbu communities as
    every massage contributes to the Lehara Foundation.
  • Be the reason why a client chooses your organisation over another one, in a very
    competitive market.

Simple process for your clients

1. Provide us with your clients arrival date.

2. We book them in to the appointment of their choice in Namche or Dingboche, and they
receive a great massage.

3. We send you a monthly invoice for the completed massage sessions.

4. We keep you updated on all the good work that the Lehara Foundation is doing across the


Trekking up and down mountains can result in your clients feeling stiff and sore in their muscles, particularly legs. A Sports Massage can help relieve this stiffness and soreness, ensuring they are refreshed and ready for the next day of trekking or climbing. Athletes all over the world have daily Sports Massages to aid their daily training regimes and ensure success in their sport. Lehara Sports massages are following the same principle, we want to facilitate success for your trekking and climbing teams.
It is beneficial to have a massage on either their way up or down, but the biggest impact for your clients will be for them to have them on their way up as it will help ensure their body is in the best condition for the rest of your trek and achieving your trekking/climbing goal. A good Sports Massage will also help your clients to relax which will help them sleep, and good sleep is evidenced to help with acclimatisation.
Your clients will be given a unique booking link in order to secure their Sports Massage. By following the instructions, they can select their chosen location, date and time. You may however need to guide them on the date and time you are due to arrive at Namche/Dingboche and what time they will be free from, following acclimatisation treks and lunch. Alternatively we can liaise directly with your groups lead guide via WhatsApp to arrange the Sports Massage sessions that suit their group the best.
Yes. The clinic rooms are heated via 2 heaters to ensure your clients are warm and relaxed while they are having their treatment.
Yes, in a positive way. It will help your clients with the following day(s) hike. The syllabus that was followed for the Lehara training school in 2023, was specifically designed by experienced London School of Massage tutors, with multi day trekking in mind. Knowing that there aren’t any actual rest days in your EBC, 3 passes, Gokyo or climbing schedules, the training team have made sure that the techniques our therapists deliver are at the right intensity; intense enough to promote muscle recovery and prevent injury, but not too intense that your clients are in pain the next day.
If they have a fever, or any symptoms of altitude sickness, including headache, then we advise that you do not have a massage.
Lehara will send an invoice where payment will be expected within 30 days.
A pre-bought Sports Massage with Lehara is $30. For this fee, the Lehara therapists get paid a very good salary. The rest of the Lehara income covers some low operational costs, with the remaining amount (around 50%) being contributed to a Community Investment Fund. This fund becomes available every May to the communities of the Khumbu, where organisations can apply for financial grants for their own initiatives where local healthcare, education or the environment will benefit.